When the sun’s heat begins to creep up during the warmer seasons in the Orlando, FL area, having fully functioning air conditioning will be a crucial necessity and absolute life-saver for you and your family. But what do you do when your A/C unit unexpectedly fails or shuts down? While an issue like this can be preventable with proper system maintenance, sometimes HVAC problems are inevitable.

Calling a reliable A/C repair company should be the first approach you should take to promptly resolve this issue, and while our team at Aloha Air works to arrive at your home as quickly as possible, even a few minutes without cool air conditioning can turn your home into an unbearable and uncomfortable environment.

To help you through this waiting period, here are 4 ways for you to cool down your home to prevent as much heat discomfort as possible.

Keep Your Windows Shaded

Window blinds are not just for the privacy of your home. While the heat that radiates from the burning sun can definitely be an all-encompassing sensation, having proper shade in your home can lessen its intensity. Think of window blinds as shields — they provide insulation from the sun’s rays, putting a barrier between the inside of your house and the direct path of the sun.

Consider also investing in blackout curtains, either over your regular blinds for extra protection or on their own. Blackout curtains provide a much greater defense against the sun’s heat as they are meant to block out light almost entirely, so while your home may get a little dark with these curtains in use, it’s an effective and temporary solution to keeping the heat out while your A/C gets repaired.

Let the Hot Air Out

In addition to covering your windows, a great strategy for keeping your home cool without proper air conditioning is to open them entirely. While the two aforementioned tips may seem like a juxtaposition, windows themselves do not keep out the sun’s rays. In reality, the glass material of the windows can even intensify the heat of the sun while simultaneously trapping it inside your home.

Opening your windows lets the hot air stuck inside your home flow out, allowing for a smooth and steady fluctuation of air. Therefore, it’s best to trust in mother nature and let the natural breeze run its course. While this natural wind isn’t going to entirely provide a consistent flow of air, it’s a better alternative to confining yourself inside a sweaty and humid home.

Make Use of Fans

Fans are one of the best investments that any Florida homeowner can make, no matter the size or model. Even if you don’t end up using these fans on a regular basis, they’re a great backup plan for those unexpected moments when your A/C shuts down. On the plus side, with your A/C not running, your energy usage can lessen, which means you won’t have to worry about additional charges on your electricity bill with using fans.

What’s even better is that there are multiple ways to make use of fans in your home. More than likely, your home already has a built-in ceiling fan, which is big enough to provide a substantial amount of cool air throughout your space. Portable fans of varying sizes can also be used to direct the flow of air right where you need it.

Limit Your Electronic Use

We know — it’s hard to put your phone down, especially when you’re waiting. The hot air can even cause heat exhaustion and hinder your energy levels, which makes using electronics that much easier for passing the time. However, using your electronic devices as a distraction can actually end up making your home warmer, and therefore, more uncomfortable.

No matter how big or small the device is, these electronics are essentially like blocks of portable heat. Similar to how the glass windows trap heat inside of your home, the energy that these devices use transfer into heat that ends up getting trapped inside of your phone. While it’s normal for devices to warm up with more usage, it might be best to limit your electronic use until your A/C is repaired or replaced to create a cooler environment in your home.

A Cool Home Made Easy

Battling the intense Florida heat is no joke, especially as we get closer to the warmer months. Many of us homeowners take for granted the cool air that a properly functioning A/C unit provides until we’re stuck in a scorching home, unsure of how to maintain our comfort in an intolerable environment. Fortunately, there are ways to work around this inconvenience, from investing in window shades and fans to removing glass windows and electronics out of the equation entirely.

If your A/C is broken, don’t worry! Aloha Air is here to help. Contact us today for any and all HVAC needs.

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