For any Florida homeowner, having a reliable air conditioning company on hand is a must. When you’re searching for an HVAC repair or installation service, there are many important factors to consider. Reviews and experience are great indicators of fantastic quality work, but they’re really just the tip of the iceberg. The reality is that there are numerous underlying influences that shape a client’s experience and the value that they’re receiving from their check-ups, repairs, or installations.

The usual route that homeowners take is finding a company that is spread out and well recognized. While each company has their own unique benefits, using locally owned, small businesses as opposed to larger corporations garners plenty of advantages that people don’t typically consider when getting their units checked out. For instance, contacting a small business like our team at Aloha Air guarantees that you’ll have a more personal and closely acquainted experience. Despite being more small-scaled, the work of small business HVAC companies is immeasurable.

Direct Communication

Behind any job done well is a consistent line of communication. When you get in touch with a small business, you’ll more than likely find yourself in direct contact with the owner behind the operation, and they can even be available to work on-site. Having such a streamlined transmission means more efficiency in the exchange of information with technicians, and as a result, a higher standard of service.

Not only this, but being a small business also means that every customer stands out, and so do their needs. At Aloha Air, if any parts needed for your unit are on backorder, we’ll be in constant correspondence so that you’re never left in the dark. Small businesses also have greater accessibility to answer any questions or concerns at any point in time. But what’s especially important is being able to follow up with every client after the service has been completed to ensure that everything is still running smoothly.

Gets the Job Done ASAP

Having issues with your AC unit is often an unexpected burden. It’s understandable to want the issue resolved as quickly as possible to be able to return to regular routines and a stabilized comfort of living. Contacting a major HVAC company could leave you waiting on the phone for much longer than you anticipated and even longer to have a technician arrive at your doorstep. When you contact a small business, office staff, technicians, and even the owner can be quickly reached on the other end of the line.

It’s also more likely that a small business has the capacity to arrive at your home the same day they’re contacted. Local businesses are called as such for a reason — they’re local! Having presence in the surrounding areas means faster arrival times for technicians and the faster your AC issues get resolved. At Aloha Air, we’re always on the go, offering our services to more than 20 locations surrounding the Orlando area!

Patience and Time Availability

It’s completely plausible for HVAC systems to be a bit confusing and overwhelming to manage, especially on your own. Depending on certain factors such as the time left in between service calls, using a small business AC company gives you a greater opportunity to procure valuable information about whichever service is being provided. For instance, installing a new system in your home requires learning the ins and outs of the setup and operation. Our technicians at Aloha Air will be patient in explaining every function and feature so that you’re confident in your brand new system.

After all, small businesses thrive on the satisfaction of their clients and hold the establishment of personal relationships in high regard. We want to provide an exceptional service so that you’ll want to work with us again, which means answering any and all questions you may have, and even offering our recommendations and advice. This way, small businesses show you complete transparency through careful approaches rather than just “telling you” and leaving you to figure everything out on your own.

More Reliable Service

When using a larger company for your HVAC needs, there can potentially be a disconnect between you and the technician on the job. There’s a large possibility that the technician you previously worked with won’t be the same one that arrives the next time you need a service completed. By using a small business, you’ll have a higher guarantee that your unit will be handled by someone you trust and know will do the job correctly.

Beyond having this certainty in place, if a technician for a larger company knows they most likely won’t be returning to the same house, they could potentially slack off in their work. They could provide you with misinformation and not take the time to fully consider what options are in your best interest. Small businesses will always take great pride in the work that they accomplish and we strive to leave every customer with a smile on their face. At Aloha Air, our commitment to following up with every customer means that we’re confident about the reliability of our services, and that we’ll take full accountability if any mishaps were to occur.

Small, locally owned businesses are fantastic options to consider when in need of HVAC services. The personal experience that you get with a small business is incomparable, from face-to-face conversations to getting incredible deals for being such valuable customers. Aloha Air prides itself on being a small business, and we love to give back to our clients by offering extraordinary services at affordable costs. Contact us today to learn more about our interest-free financing options and special deals!

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