As the weather warms up in Central Florida, at-home air conditioning is going to be on the minds of a lot of homeowners. In situations where the heat and humidity can cause excessive discomfort, some of us may turn to drastic measures and classic A/C myths to ensure that we are refreshed in the hotter months. However, these dire decisions can lead to dire consequences, such as wasting money on higher electricity bills.

Aloha Air wants to give homeowners the confidence that their unit will be working for them, not against them, and this can be done with proper HVAC knowledge. While you don’t have to know all the ins and outs of your unit, debunking the following A/C myths can help correct any mishaps you may be making and provide solutions to your inquiries.

Running the A/C All Day is a Waste of Money

A common and fair assumption that many homeowners have about their A/C units is that running them all day long is actually a waste of money if nobody is home. For this reason, homeowners may end up turning off their A/C when they go to work or run errands, but did you know that this can actually cause your A/C more problems and increase its difficulty to run?

To put it simply, the inside of your unit is made up of many intricate parts that allows it to work. Constantly switching the power of your A/C on and off every single day causes these parts to abruptly shut off or start back up, which can not only raise your electricity bill but also cause potential damage to your unit.

The on and off method could work if you and your family are leaving home for an extended period of time, such as if on vacation. Otherwise, we recommend leaving your A/C on at 78 degrees or above on hot days when no one is home to keep it from constantly running and minimize electricity use, keeping your electricity bills manageable.

Dropping the Temperature Cools Your Home Faster

When the heat becomes unbearable, homeowners will often want their home to become cooler as quickly as possible. A go-to method for many is to drop the temperature of their A/C’s, believing that the lower the number on your thermostat, the faster your unit will provide colder air. Again, this is a myth that is actually causing higher electricity bills for unnecessary reasons.

In reality, an air conditioner will take the same amount of time to cool your home no matter the set temperature. Cooling your home requires patience, but a general rule to follow when setting the temperature on your thermostat is called the 20-degree rule. Try to keep the A/C no more than 20 degrees below or above the outside temperature, as the local weather conditions have an effect on how your unit runs.

If you still want to speed up the process of when you’ll experience cooler air in your home, consider setting up a smart thermostat in your home that allows you to control your A/C from your phone. You can set your desired temperature beforehand so that your home is nice and fresh when you return.

Air Conditioning Causes Sickness

For people with health conditions such as allergies, asthma, or other respiratory issues, an A/C myth that stirs up a lot of concern is that the process of air conditioning itself can cause sickness or make these conditions worse. This myth can be partially true — without proper maintenance, like replacing the air filters, your unit can end up not working properly.

But as a whole, the idea that it causes illness goes against the very purpose of what an A/C is for. As we mentioned, A/C units have a filtration system that traps the lingering particles in your home, such as dust and dirt, and releases clean air back out. Removing these particles can actually help make the air in your home healthier to breathe.

Additionally, being trapped in a stuffy home without A/C can cause heat exhaustion, especially if the outside temperature is high. The effects of heat exhaustion can cause greater illness and extreme side effects to your health. Overall, running your A/C with proper maintenance can only ever be in your benefit.

Easy Solutions for all HVAC Problems

Your A/C unit doesn’t have to be a big box in your home full of secrets! Understanding how your system works and what you can do to ensure the best quality results in your home will help you as a homeowner tackle the misinformation that spreads from word of mouth or assumptions. With proper maintenance and simple education, you can end up saving more on your monthly bills and leave your home feeling healthy and refreshed.

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