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A/C Diagnostics and Repair

Having trouble with your air conditioning? AC units are designed to last somewhere around 10-15 years, but over time, they’re bound to acquire some faults and damages. In hot and humid areas such as Orlando, AC units work overtime to ensure cool and comfortable temperatures in your home all year round. If you’re experiencing issues with your unit or you suspect that a check up is needed, our team at Aloha Air is available to run diagnostics on your system and make the proper repairs as necessary.

A Cool Home and Happy Mind

In areas such as Orlando where the heat gets far too excessive, even just one day without a properly functioning air conditioning unit is harmful to your health and home. When your AC is running properly, the warm air in your home is pulled into the unit, where the heat is then removed through evaporator coils. During this process, your air conditioner will filter out any large pollutants in the air, such as dirt, dust, and other debris.

However, these pollutants can build up and cause damage to your system. What’s more is that if your system does shut down, your home will quickly become very humid and uncomfortable, which harshly impacts your lifestyle. It’s in your best interest to not put these repairs off and to contact one of our licensed technicians to get these problems fixed ASAP.

Swift Services

When your AC unit runs into complications or shuts down altogether, it’s expected to want these problems to be resolved as soon as possible. Many large HVAC companies can take a while to contact and even longer to show up at your doorstep and administer the proper inspections and repairs. At Aloha Air, we pride ourselves on providing an exceptional service that is both diligent and swift. Our services are available in over 20+ local areas surrounding Orlando, which means that our technicians are within easy reach for any check ups and repairs. In a short span of time, you’ll be able to return to your everyday routine and indulge in great quality air.

Careful Inspections

The first step to resolving any AC issues in your home is to run a proper evaluation so that your technician on the job can know how to best handle the situation. Our entire team has a combined 30+ years of experience, which accurately illustrates our proficiency and knowledge. We’re educated on every make and model, meaning there’s no problem we can’t figure out. If you happen to notice any difficulties with your AC or suspect that your unit is not running efficiently, our team is prepared to arrive on-site and explore these problems first hand. Another great benefit to using our services is that we offer maintenance check up plans to ensure that your system is getting the care and attention it deserves throughout the year. These check ups are designed to catch any minor issues before they snowball into greater dilemmas and greater expenses.

Honest Repairs

There are a number of reasons your air conditioner stopped working as it should, and Aloha Air is available to not only quickly diagnose these issues, but also to make the necessary repairs to get you out of the heat. Being educated on all makes and models not only means we’re able to assess the problem, but that we’re also well-equipped to carry out any repairs or replacement of components on the spot. In the likelihood of any needed replacement parts being on backorder, we’ll set everything up in a prompt manner and keep you updated at all times to get your system back to normal. We’ll also inform you on what exactly is wrong with your system and the course of action we plan to take so that you always remain part of the process. This way, you can trust that you’re getting an honest and valuable service and have full confidence in the work that we do.

Unexpected AC damages can negatively affect your day-to-day routine. Your time is of the greatest importance and you deserve to have a reliable system that will save you from any unforeseen and unnecessary future expenses. Whether you suspect the damage to your unit is on a small or large scale, our team is prepared to evaluate the problem at hand and perform repairs in a professional and timely manner. Leaving your repairs in the hands of Aloha Air means that your unit will be as good as new, allowing you to enjoy the comfort of your home and to be reassured that everything is running smoothly. If your AC is giving you trouble, contact our team to get a tune up today!

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