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Orlando A/C Maintenance

Air conditioners can be a hefty investment for homeowners, so it’s important to make sure that you’re getting the most out of what you’re spending. However, maintaining your AC unit on your own can cost you valuable time and money, as more complicated technical issues can arise at unexpected moments. To help keep you cool all year round, we perform maintenance check ups on all makes and models, which extends a great deal of benefits for not only the efficiency of your system, but for factors involved in your everyday life.

Scheduling Regular Tune Ups

AC problems can often sneak up on you, which can also inconvenience your time and finances. In Orlando, where air conditioning systems run for the majority of the year, scheduling regular maintenance checks reduces the likelihood of unexpected and costly repairs. What’s even better is that at Aloha Air, we offer maintenance plans that are always in your complete control. When you contact our team about signing up for our HVAC service contracts, you’ll have the ability to schedule when you’d like our technicians to check on your system on a biannual basis. We’ll send you reminders of when these appointments are coming up so that you won’t be caught off guard or disturbed in your day-to-day routine.

Preventive Maintenance

Like with anything that requires proper care and attention, dedicating the time to maintaining your HVAC system reduces the likelihood of major issues rising up or the unit shutting down completely altogether. Preventative maintenance, including cleaning coils and changing air filters, is key to ensuring optimal performance of your system and extending its lifespan. While self-maintenance can be a potential recourse, there are many components to an AC unit that can present greater technical complications, and keeping track of when these maintenance checks are being performed can be an unnecessary task on your to-do list. Fortunately, our licensed technicians are available to check for any minor mishaps and catch them before they turn into larger, long-term problems.

More For Your Money

HVAC systems are typically not a one-time expense. Florida homeowners know that to keep their AC units running year round, a few additional costs are required to maintain the quality of their systems and warrant longer lifespans. Air filter replacements and monthly electric bills are just a few of the expenses that may seem to be set in stone, but HVAC maintenance plans are designed to make lives easier. One of the benefits to having a maintenance plan in place with our team at Aloha Air is so that our clients can rest assured that their unit is functioning properly at all times. From checking refrigerant levels to testing electrical connections, we’ll inspect every single component at no additional cost. Air conditioning maintenance in Orlando is especially important for reducing energy costs, improving cooling efficiency, and extending the life of your system. Lower energy usage means lower electric bills, giving you the opportunity to indulge in the maximum productivity of your unit for less.

AC maintenance check ups are a smart and simple investment that satisfies both your role as a homeowner and your overall comfort of living. These plans ensure that your system is functioning the way it should be, essentially working for you, not against you. If our technicians happen to catch any issues during these visits, we’re also available to help repair and offer other solutions. These check ups are also a great opportunity for communicating with your tech on deck and to ask any questions you may have about the ins and outs of your system, along with other HVAC needs. For more information about our maintenance check up plans, contact us today!

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