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On a hot and humid day, the last thing you’d want is for your AC to unexpectedly break on you. While these units are designed to keep your home cool and comfortable, they’re also a bit of a responsibility. They require maintenance and check ups to ensure that everything within the system is still running smoothly and properly. However, they’re bound to acquire some issues over time.

With the many parts that make up the inner workings of your system, it can be an overwhelming hassle to not only become familiar with these components, but also to understand how to maintain them. When your system shuts down, it can also be an inconvenience in your schedule to call for a repair. Fortunately, there are many easy solutions and methods for maintaining your AC unit to prolong any potential problems and restrict them from turning into larger, frustrating issues.

Clean or Change Filters

When your AC unit suddenly shuts down or fails to function properly, the most common explanation would be because of dirty air filters. Over time, the air filters in your unit will naturally collect dust and dirt, creating a layer that obstructs the air flow of your entire system. As a result, your AC starts to work overtime, pumping out more energy without much efficiency. Working at these accelerated rates causes your unit to fail or shut down.

Depending on the type that you have, cleaning the air filters yourself can be an option. There are different methods of cleaning that involve multiple steps, such as using a vacuum cleaner and warm water. It’s best to research your specific filters to figure out which method can work for you, while also keeping caution in mind as these filters can be delicate. However, it’s recommended to just change out the air filters when they do get clogged up and dirty, which will typically be every 90 days. Filters come in packs at fairly affordable prices and can last you for almost the entire year.

Turn Off Your AC When Not in Use

It seems fairly practical to leave your AC running at all times, even when nobody’s home. It can definitely keep your home at a consistently cool temperature, especially when coming back from work or running errands. The issue is that in order to maintain this cool temperature, your AC unit will automatically turn on and off throughout the day. This constant switch subjects different parts of your unit to abrupt changes in power, which can cost more energy and abuses the system overall.

Keep in mind, having your AC running at all times isn’t a bad option, and it’s done commonly by homeowners. However, by turning off your AC when nobody’s home, you can actually extend the life of your unit. Turning the system off means you’re not using as much energy, which will save you money due to lowered electrical bills. Saving energy also means that you’re prolonging your unit from getting worn out and needing to be replaced quicker. Smart Thermostats are even available to help control your system right from your phone, so that you won’t have to come home to an uncomfortably hot and humid environment.

Schedule Bi-Annual Check Ups

The reality is that maintaining an AC unit on your own can be troublesome and even cause difficulties in your schedule. There are many different components within every unit, which means there are many different ways that issues can arise. While the aforementioned tips are great practices for keeping your system in prime condition, there are other technical issues that can not only be laborious to fix on your own, but also strongly recommended against. For this reason, the perfect solution would be to schedule bi-annual maintenance check-ups for your AC unit.

When you sign up for these plans, technicians arrive at your home based on the schedule that you choose and ensure that everything is working as it should be. These check ups are also fantastic for catching any minor problems before they evolve into bigger issues. For the Orlando area, we recommend an early fall and spring tune up to guarantee that everything is running smoothly before and after summer. We also offer maintenance plans for your AC unit that fit within your time and budget so that you won’t have to worry about any unexpected issues arising.

As a homeowner, there are many responsibilities that you need to keep track of, and it’s understandable if maintaining your AC unit isn’t at the top of your list of priorities. Fortunately, there are easy actions you can take to preserve the condition of your system that will save you from financial headaches later on. Every unit is different and necessitates their own type of care to keep them running efficiently. At Aloha Air, our maintenance contracts are available for all makes and models, so contact us to schedule your checkup today!

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