What’s unique about living in areas such as Orlando is that your HVAC system runs year-round to battle the excessive Florida heat and humidity. Even during the fall and winter months, persistent high temperatures make for a blistering holiday season. With any air conditioning unit, a sensible expectation to have is that you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of having cool air in your home at all times. But with your unit essentially working overtime, the components of your system will wear out quicker, which makes the unit more susceptible to severe damages over time. An immediate solution to this problem would be to minimize the use of your system, but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your comfort to maintain your unit.

At Aloha Air, we always have the best interest of our clients in mind, which means your safety, satisfaction, and comfort is our number one priority. For this reason, we’re proud to offer maintenance service contracts that allow our technicians to perform bi-annual inspections on your AC Unit. Investing in an HVAC maintenance plan takes the pressure off of you by scheduling tune-ups based on your time and convenience. Even more so, it’s a great way to ensure that everything in your unit is working properly at all times. If you’re still on the fence about investing in an HVAC maintenance plan, we’ve compiled a list of benefits that these proposals can offer you.

Extending the Life of Your HVAC System

Regular maintenance can help to extend the life of your AC unit by keeping it clean and free of debris. This can save you money in the long run by preventing the need for a premature replacement. By having your AC unit regularly maintained, you can ensure that it will continue to run efficiently and effectively for many years to come.

Can Save You Money in the Long Run

There’s nothing worse than when your AC unit suddenly stops working, catching you at an inconvenient time for finances. While repairing the components of a unit has its own set of expenses, replacing a unit entirely due to irreparable damages can be a huge dip in your pockets. Instead of dealing with the hassle of unexpected costs, which includes paying up for every individual repair, investing in maintenance plans gives you security all throughout the year. Any issues that appear during these bi-annual inspections will be taken care of before they’re able to snowball into greater problems, and in turn, greater expenses.

Additionally, maintenance plans will often include great deals and additional services for clients. At Aloha Air, our maintenance service contracts include two free maintenance inspections and discounts on select services! When put into perspective, committing to a maintenance plan not only saves you money, but also gives you more for less. You won’t have to worry about unforeseen spending at random points throughout the year, and you will even be given greater benefits for an extra sense of financial security.

Catches Minor Problems Before They Get Worse

Most of the time, significant problems and damages to your AC unit could’ve been easily prevented. The intention behind HVAC maintenance plans is to ensure that your system is working properly and efficiently and to catch any minor issues before they turn into larger problems. You could potentially discover these problems on your own ahead of time, but you might not be well-informed on how to repair them. There are many components to an HVAC system that you’re not expected to know everything about, and you shouldn’t have to deal with these difficulties on your own. It’s always recommended for a professional technician to take care of any issues with your system to avoid further damage.

After all, HVAC technicians exist for a reason. With years of experience in the industry, we know the ins and outs of every system, making us credible sources for any questions or concerns you may have. Having a maintenance plan for your AC unit makes sure that any issues will be brought to your attention sooner, and that repairs will be taken care of as quickly as possible. At Aloha Air, we offer bi-annual tune-ups that cover a vast list of services, like cleaning dirt and debris from components and replacing worn-down parts with new ones. You won’t have to worry anymore about unexpected problems and costs sneaking up on you.

Greater Peace of Mind

It’s common for homeowners to not be actively thinking about their HVAC system until the day that problems arise and the unit unexpectedly stops working. While a system may appear to be functioning as normal, there’s still a chance that minor issues are present and will continue to build up over time. Having to make time in a busy schedule for the occasional D.I.Y. check-up is inconvenient, and it can become frustrating having to keep track of when you’re implementing these examinations on your own. A bump in your routine can end up adding unnecessary stress on you and can negatively impact your quality of life.

Luckily, HVAC maintenance plans are designed to make your life easier. For example, when you sign up for Aloha Air’s annual maintenance program, you’re fundamentally given the reins without having to do any of the work. With the advisory of our technicians, you’ll be able to decide when you want your system to be inspected based on your unique schedule. From there on, you’ll have a greater peace of mind knowing that any issues in your unit will be taken care of swiftly and diligently, preventing huge unexpected costs that can take a toll on your emotional and physical wellbeing.

HVAC maintenance plans are a smart and easy investment for every homeowner. These contracts are a trustworthy commitment that your best interest is always in mind, from relieving stress to reducing hefty bills and expenses. The information that technicians will provide you with during these bi-annual inspections can even help you prepare for any replacements that you will have to make in the near future, allowing you to save up money and research what available options are best for you.

Contact Aloha Air today to schedule a maintenance check or to sign up for our amazing maintenance service plans!

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